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I have 20 years experience doing UX design, user research, and product strategy. My experience cuts across many industries and verticals including: software, apps, websites, SaaS, ecommerce, streaming platforms, and more. I've worked as both a principal UX designer and a principal researcher and I've managed teams of designers (UX, visual, product) and researchers. The teams I've managed and hired have ranged from small to medium (2-10 people). ​

In terms of my contributions, I tend to be flexible and willing to do what it takes to move the company forward, and in some contexts that has meant bringing my other skills to bear such as product management or writing. I am a trained scrummaster and am comfortable with different approaches to design and development. Most places use a mix of Agile or Lean and waterfall when it comes to design. The most important part is using an approach that works for what the company needs to accomplish. 

My two biggest strengths work-wise are: 1) I find a way to solve problems and launch products even when faced with many obstacles 2) I can seamlessly transition between the highest level strategy work ("what should we build? For whom?") to the most granular detail ("That button is right justified but a similar button in a module on a screen we looked at five screens ago was center justified. Why the difference?") I am idealistic in terms of what can be done and pragmatic in what should be done right now. 

Outside of work I'm often writing, group texting with my Pac-12 friends about the Warriors championship run (#DubNation), or at the park with my French Bulldog, Pickle. 

Gretchen's Dog, Pickle
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