There wasn't a problem, per se, but I noticed an opportunity. On Arizona State's football tickets page the bulk of the traffic came on days of home football games, and 70%+ were local fans. The tickets page was generally static. What if we put a buy tickets promo for that game that day and automate it? 


The team's schedule page had even more traffic on days of home games so we put a module there. The plan was to extend this to other pages and other sports. The team sold >100 tickets through the module the first game it went live on the one screen. The hosting platform for the school sites, Sidearm, liked it so much they copied the module and offered it to the 100s of schools they partner with. 

Spikes in traffic on days of home football games

Much more traffic on football schedule page so let's put the modules there. 

Modules (mobile and laptop)

User behavior (clicks measured via crazyegg and google analytics)

Revenue for one game for the one initial module

The module as copied by Sidearm and deployed across the sites they host/manage.