I noticed a surge in traffic to ASU tickets pages the day of home football games, the majority of it local and from phones. Could we better serve and capitalize on this traffic?


Create an automated module promoting tickets to the next home game on ASU tickets screens and team-specific screens. 


An initial module just on the team schedule page sold ~100 more tickets/game than without it. Sidearm Sports copied the module onto all of their college sports clients. 


Seeing a pattern and what it suggests


was looking at Arizona State football ticket sales data and saw distinct spikes in traffic to the team's ticket pages on the day of home games. Could that be people looking to buy tix the day of the game? Two-thirds of the traffic was from people locally, and most were on phones. Yes, these could be people looking to buy tix to that game. 


However, the tickets pages were static and heavily promoted buying season tickets, not single game tickets. Users would have to open the menu on mobile and traverse several levels of navigation to get to tickets for the game that day.  Certainly we could make that easier. 

asu2b (1).jpg

Ticket sales were down, schools wanted any help we could provide


With ticket sales trending down for several years across all of college football, Athletic Departments wanted any help we could provide in boosting ticket sales. 


We decided to launch a small pilot program with Arizona State. This image shows the traffic to the football schedule page is 7X the traffic to the tickets page, with a high proportion of the traffic local to the game. So we started with that screen.

asu4a (1).jpg

Creating & programming the modules


We created and programmed modules promoting tickets to the next ASU home football game. We included other relevant info for planning to go to the game. And we tracked users through the sales funnel to understand what they did.

asu4b (1).jpg
asu5b (1).jpg
asu5 (1).jpg


It's hard to see on the heat map but the "Buy Tickets" button is the most tapped on object on the football schedule screen, on the day of home football games. 


The graph shows that for the 10 days ahead of a home game ASU sold 93 more tickets than prior for almost $4000. (Sales through the usual ticket pages remained constant.)

The pilot program was a success so we programmed similar modules for additional football screens and for additional sports. Sidearm Sports, who manages the websites of many college athletics departments, copied the idea, put it on all of their school sites, and presented it at their conference.