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App Engineers (Pac-12 App Redesigns)

I partnered closely with app engineering at Pac-12 Networks on designing the Pac-12 iOS and Android apps. We leveraged a lot of the native design patterns in iOS and Android and made the color, fonts, button treatments and a few choice features carry the brand consistency across the apps. 

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Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Redesign

Web & Platform Engineers (Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Redesign)

I worked closely with engineering at Yahoo! to identify how the fantasy apps would be rebuilt from the ground up. We collaborated on interaction mechanisms and balanced optimizing load times with interactive features that users valued. I wrote the detailed functional specification. 

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Sigma: Identifying Ideal Customer Profiles

CEO & Sales Leadership (Sigma: Identifying Ideal Customer Profiles)

Sigma leaders wanted to target business users (non-technical folks) for their BI tool, but who and how? The CEO tasked me to find out. Which I did, working with Sales leadership along the way to ID the departments we should target and with which use cases. 


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Seattle Children's Hospital Redesign

Internal & External Stakeholders (Seattle Children's Hospital Redesign)


The large-scale redesign I led for SCH had to meet needs of:

  • SCH internal digital management team

  • Patient families

  • Providers and staff of SCH

We succeeded in doing that with a flexible template approach and organization/navigation they still use today.

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Business Partnerships (Pac-12 How to Watch Flow)


We wanted to give fans easier ways to find out how to watch their favorite teams on Pac-12 Networks, and to sign up with a tv provider on the spot if they wanted. That meant working closely with the Partnership team to make sure how we promoted providers met the requirements of their contracts.

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Sales & Advertising (Yahoo! Travel, Creating New Sales Opps)


We did ethnographic research to identify and categorize types of trips people took, then what triggered people to do more research and book. The "I know the experience I want but don't know the destination" (e.g. a week on the beach & could be in FL, CA or the Bahamas)  led to creating landing pages for experience types, which sponsors were willing to pay a premium to be on. 

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Sigma: Product Usability Improvements

Product Team (Sigma Product Usability Improvements)


We (the UX Research team) worked with Product teams in two ways. We did iterative usability sessions alongside the teams as they executed a major redesign. The feedback was implemented in progressive iterations. We also operationalized a process by which the Product teams could execute usability research in a fraction of the time with minimal dependencies on our resources. 

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Pac-12: Event Templates

Product Team & Content Team (Pac-12 Event Templates)


When adding events pages to we had to think about what content would be available for what sports at various times relative to the event (before, during, after....and even far before vs an hour before). We collaborated with the Product team to define the needed states and assess the content that would be available for the least to the most robust sports. 

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Nike Ecommerce Projects

Project Sponsors (Nike Ecommerce Projects)


I worked closely with Nike's digital team in scoping and executing their first large-scale ecommerce site. By the end of the project the head of their digital team said the site organization and navigation was one of the biggest successes of the project. I also worked with them on the first iterations of Nike ID.  

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