Seattle children's hospital


Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH) wanted to achieve several goals:

  • Combine regional websites into one, content-and style-wise

  • More effectively promote community safety and wellness programs

  • Enable providers who wanted to create/promote content to do so

  • Better serve client families who are not native English speakers


I was the Lead UX Designer working with Odopod on this project. We did user research to find out how to best reach patient families & serve providers & staff. We fleshed out section & site architectures and used color to define which screens were predominantly static content, dynamic content, or patient tools.

For Healthcare Providers Section architecture


We then did "parti" diagrams for screens--noting major content sections or actions as blocks--to get buy-in from SCH stakeholders before doing detailed wireframes. 


"Find a Doctor" wireframe

"Parti" diagram (Research screen)

Once we reviewed wireframes we fleshed out visual design details for screens. (The general design system was worked out concurrently with architecture etc.)

A key insight from research regarded how to serve patient families who either did not speak English at all or were not fluent. Originally, SCH considered having the content of their entire site(s) translated into the most common non-English languages. Maintaining translations would be expensive though. 

During research we found most families weren't likely to use the site more even with translations. They usually relied on family members who were more fluent in English to look up information and make appointments. What was critical was being able to filter doctors and staff by languages spoken. So we added that feature to the doctor finder page and included it on all provider biography pages.

"Overall, Odopod has created a beautiful, functional, and flexible website. This is due in part to their balanced mix of process, creativity, and willingness to dive deep to understand what drives Seattle Children's"

Stephen Halsey

Manager, Web Services, Seattle Children's Hospital


  • Class signups increased

  • Patient ratings improved

  • Providers added more content to the site

  • Video consumption increased 50%

  • Ten years later the SCH website retains the same general content architecture and navigational approach as we created for them