Xaas/B2b/Software experience

I've done many B2B, admin tools, CMS type of UX projects, though most came before the specific explosion of cloud computing options. 

Below are some of the projects I've lead design on that fall outside of consumer-facing products. 

Serena Software

Redesigned a workflow management tool for them in conjunction with Phoenix-Pop. Major improvements came from adding shortcuts and batch processes like "cloning" a workflow. (The first clone button also had a sheep on it--because Dolly--and when the project was finished Serena gave us a large plaque with the clone button on it.)

Thomas Weisel Partners

Designed interface for engaging and tracking early stage investor interest in new companies. The tools had to be easy and clear to not the most tech-savvy user, and shorten the time between engagement and investment. 


I led the design of the inventory and content management tool they used to track all the wines they were seeking to sell on the site and makes sure all sales complied with county and state laws based on 1) where the wine was produced 2) where it was being shipped 3) by whom, a producer, a retailer, etc. Complicated and fascinating. 


Worked on web tools technicians used to enter and track service calls and issues.