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Transforming data and research into customer engagement, product growth, and business success

What I Do

I lead user- and business-centered product strategy, research, and design.

I take businesses from defining target audiences through launching products that deliver for users and the bottom line. 

Specify & Activate Ideal Customer Profiles

Sigma ICP thumbnail

Sigma Computing (Data Analytics Platform)

Defined three user segments/personas, helped Sales leverage those to improve mid-funnel conversions..

>> Increased sales conversions 30%.

Design Product-Led Growth

Sigma Marketing PRoduct Led Growth thumbnail

Sigma Computing

Designed engagement flow for prospective customers in marketing to analyze data in Sigma with use cases specific to their needs.

>> Increased free trial signups 5X over previous page.

Define & Execute Product Strategy

Pac-12 Event Template Mobile thumbnail

Pac-12 Networks (Sports Streaming TV)

Turned static site into team- and video-focused hub for sports fans. Introduced event pagesredesigned apps.

>> Boosted traffic 20%, engagement 20-30%, app downloads 20%+.

Create Customer Journeys

Sagewell Research Customer Journey thumbnail

Sagewell Financial

Defined target customer segments and determined we could double the price of base offering and better upsell additional services. 

>> Doubled base price, created "playbook" for deeper customer engagement.

Find & Activate New Sales Opportunities

Pac-12 Networks ASU Tickets Module thumbnail

Pac-12 Networks (Arizona State)

Via behavioral data, I discovered interest in same-day ticket sales for football games. I designed automated ticket modules for use across schools & sports.

>> Increased same-day ticket sales 15%+.

Increase Engagement with Partners & Sponsors

Pac-12 Networks How to Watch thumbnail

Pac-12 Networks

When games were about to start, fans couldn't quickly find out how to watch Pac-12 Networks. I created use-case specific flows from Event Pages to TV partner sites, so fans could sign up and watch immediately. 

>> Drove 10X traffic to TV providers in first season.

Design Freemium Upsell Experience

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports App Redesign thumbnail

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

Many fans used the free GameChannel app but weren't buying StatTracker and other add-ons. I combined both apps into a toggled UX with prefilled fantasy data to make the upsell more prominent and enticing. 

>> Increased upsells YOY by $1MM.

Leadership Experience


Sigma Computing

Pac-12 Networks


Red Sky Interactive

Head of Research & Insights 

Director, Design & Research

Design Manager

IA Manager


2 years

5 years

3 years

2 years

Additional Projects

"Lost Champions" Book thumbnail

Published Book

Seattle Children's Hospital Redesign thumbnail

Seattle Children's Hospital

Site Redesign

Yahoo! Travel Research thumbnail

Yahoo! Travel

Ethnographic Research

Nike ID app thumbnail

Nike Ecommerce & Nike iD

App & Site Design

Lands' End Oxford Express App thumbnail

Lands' End Oxford Express App


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