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Lands' End wanted shoppers to easily explore their wide variety of oxford shirts and quickly narrow to the exact shirt they wanted.


We created a parametric app that enabled users to see the wide range of options while also narrowing in quickly.


Usability testing showed users understood the options available and quickly set their nonnegotiable features (e.g. cuff) and explored the other options (e.g. color etc.) 

Parametric shirt app to narrow thousands of options


(FYI, I didn't start the project but came in about 25% of the way in.)


Users could start with any of the feature types they wanted. On rollover the feature (e.g. straight collar) would be shown as part of the line drawing of the shirt. Once users chose an option the choice would be highlighted and other options not available with that feature would gray out. Users could step back their choices or start over.


During usability testing users were pleasantly surprised by all the choices available, and some wanted to explore different styles they hadn't thought of buying before. It was also a test participant who suggested having two main shortcuts -- a basic white button-down oxford or blue button-down oxford  to start with. Lands' End loved it so we added it.  

Oxford Express App
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