Create Nike's first large-scale ecommerce site. Make it easy for users to find exactly the products they want. Also create Nike's first shoe customization tool. 


Organized shoes, apparel, etc by sports, subtype, and price point. Adapted criteria by sport, e.g. runners cared about tech features, others cared more about style.


  • Nike mgmt called the product organization the site's biggest win

  • Nike ID's basic interface and structure remained the same for 10+ years.


Find shoes, customize shoes


(I don't have any screenshots from the Nike ecommerce launch in 1997. The screenshot is of the Nike ID app.).


For the e-commerce site I did research on the criteria people in various sports used to choose shoes etc. and incorporated those into the interface. Then there were also the people buying Nikes for the fashion. Nike management at the time was opposed to focusing on filtering or navigating by desired appearance so that was tabled for a later time. 

For Nike ID the core approach was a sequence of customizable elements like colors of specific parts of the shoe, and the option to add your name on the back, in a custom color. Nike ID still exists and has many of the same general steps as we created back in the late 1990s. While the app got better visuals than what is shown here, the core of the experience was not changed for about 10 years.