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How can we best further fan engagement in our app? The app started with just a tv schedule and event broadcasts.


To make following games & teams easier we created event screens like on mobile web. We centered video content, alerts, and tv schedule info around teams and games.


More fans returned more often to the app and watched 25% more videos and set 2X the number of alerts as before the redesign.

Add event screens to apps

The initial version of the Pac-12 Networks app just focused on the broadcasts on Pac-12 Networks and not any related content that fans might want. 

But our user research showed that fans were most interested in teams (e.g. Arizona men's basketball) or individual games. And that they were way more likely to set alerts for more granular content areas like games and teams than for broader topics like sports.


So we refactored the apps to organize much of our content around those elements, including the ability to set alerts for individual games (start time, scores, highlights, etc) or teams. We even made the tv schedule filterable by teams so if you just wanted to be alerted when a Washington women's volleyball game was on air, you could. 

Pac-12 App
Pac-12 App Set Alerts

Promoting video via teams and events/games (first video)


We created a highly filterable video hub on the apps but also deep-linked to team or game level hubs. So if you were on an event page for an Arizona vs Creighton men's basketball game you'd see the latest team videos but also link to all Arizona men's basketball videos. 

Filterable tv schedule (second video)


When we focused our app content around teams and events we also made the overall tv schedule filterable by, team, sport, school, and network.

This was especially valuable because we could then deep-link into those targeted screens from mobile web and social media. The individual social media accounts for the teams themselves (e.g. UCLA women's gymnastics twitter account) could link their followers directly to the tv schedule of just UCLA women's gymnastics. 

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