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Viewership was top priority in 2018. We knew fans often wanted to know how to watch. How do we get them to watch immediately & accommodate the many viewing options re: tv, app, laptop, etc?


We added a "How to Watch" flow on event pages that got fans to several 'watch immediately' options. The flow also handled watching on an apps, desktop, traditional tv.


"How to Watch" was the most common item clicked on these screens. We drove nearly 100K additional referrals to our tv partners in the first week of football season alone.

Flexibility, Scalability, and Speed

One of the challenges with creating a flow for this was the variety of user scenarios. Users could be on their phone looking for how to watch on desktop. Or on a laptop finding out it they can watch on Roku. And every time we added another app, we had to add to the flow. 

It was also important to be clear with users about their options at each of these branching steps. And to get them the info they need, or to the tv providers, as quickly as possible since many are landing here exactly when the event is starting. 

We designed the screens to be simple and straightforward. The screens were created to accommodate adding multiple options to the existing ones at each step so that the flow wouldn't have to change as Pac-12 added more broadcast partners. 

Another consideration was how we presented the tv provider options. Because of various contractual obligations we had to promote some providers over others. 

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