Sigma: Opening New Sales Channels

I was tasked by the CEO to identify which departments would be the best sales targets for our BI tool, then create an experience that would convince them of Sigma's value, and their ability to use our tool. 

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Sigma: Selling to Marketers

Free Trial Signups Increased to


Compared to Prior Promotions

Pac-12: Maximizing TV Provider Leads

We wanted to boost viewership & tv partner leads. I determined that the traffic to game/event pages right before the start of the game were fans wanting to find out how to watch the game. So I made that easy for fans to do no matter how they wanted to watch, or what device they were on. 

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Pac-12 How to Watch

Drove Additional Leads in First Week


Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Freemium Upsells


Yahoo! wanted to boost revenue from the premium tools in fantasy sports. We figured out how to make those options more prominent in the free games, and make their value to the user more obvious.

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Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Redesign

Increased Revenue Year Over Year 


Arizona St. Same-Day Ticket Modules

Schools were struggling with football ticket sales. I noticed traffic patterns that indicated opportunities to better serve fans checking out ticket options the day of home games. ​We built automated modules (that Sidearm Sports then copied and sold it to their 80+ clients).

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ASU Same-Day Ticket Sales

Revenue Increase 


Per Module Per Week

Yahoo! Travel Research & Redesign

Yahoo! Travel had a lot of useful information for would-be travelers. But if we better understood how people did travel research -- and what triggered them to go from "just looking" to "it's real, we're going" -- we could better serve users (and advertisers).

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Yahoo! Travel Research

Created net new categor of landing pages w/high sponsorship value