Data analytics has long required more technical skill than most marketers have. How can we demonstrate Sigma's value and show it's not too hard for them?


Identify a common, valuable marketing use case. Break down steps. Help them do the analysis themselves. Let them try it with their own data via a free trial.


The new marketing analytics hub drove 5X free trial signups vs the old text-heavy version. We also saw longer sessions and more engagements in the new experience.

Identify common, valuable marketing analytics use cases 


- Surveys of marketers who use data but don't use Sigma. (50+)

- Follow-up interviews. (5-10)

We needed a use case that was relevant to both B2B marketers and B2C marketers. Campaign spend attribution is something nearly every marketing department does repeatedly. And it is critical to measuring performance and advocating for budget. 

Sigma Marketing BI Use Cases

What marketers said were the most important use cases for them to solve for as part of their job, and what they'd like to be able to do in the future. 

Identify pain points with campaign spend attribution 


For marketers aggregating the data to look across platforms was the biggest blocker. Second was organizing and analyzing the data.


So the scenario we'd walk them through had to help them do that.

Sigma: Marketers BI Pain Points

Get feedback on potential content and workflow

We created several assets to get feedback on. This included a 20-30 second clickthrough of the use case, a tutorial within Sigma, and steps to upload their own data.

- Prototype testing results (50+ participants)"

  • They found the clickthrough and tutorial equally valuable.

  • Many preferred the easiest-to-more complex sequence but some wanted to jump around.

  • The trigger to be fully convinced of Sigma's value was doing it with their own data. 

Sigma: Marketing BI Workflow

User flows through new marketing hub and free trial signup.

Craft UX and product design

We presented the options to visitors in a form of progressive complexity, starting with the 20-30 second clickthrough example. However, users could also jump to which section they were most interested in. 

Once launched the Sigma For Marketing Analytics hub drove 5X the number of free trial signups as the old, text-heavy version of the page. Session length and engagements on the page roughly doubled. 

Sigma: Marketing Data DIY Screenshot

Video of use case clickthrough

A 20-30 second demo of the clickthrough that introduces marketers to the basic steps they would take in Sigma to do campaign spend attribution.