Thomas Weisel Partners

Created a CMS & messaging system for partners at TWP to manage content, schedule meetings with and message high-end investors about new opportunities.


Designed CMS and workflows for Wineshopper and wine producer staffs to upload and manage product information and comply with state-bt-state sales regulations.

Serena Software

Redesigned one of Serena's core project management tools, with new shortcuts for users to "clone" projects and more. ​

Designing B2B products and software, then doing so for the wave of SaaS (software as a service) products that followed


Sigma was the most recent SaaS I worked on, but it's by far not the only one. And before complex software was cloud-based I designed many CMS variations and backend tools for e-commerce companies, fintech, education, etc. I designed systems to manage reseller markets and product management tools. 

These may not technically be SaaS products because that hadn't become common. Prior to SaaS we tended to call these B2B tools. And the B2B tools had similar requirements as today's SaaS products re: loading quickly, flexible interface for numerous viewports etc.  

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