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Sagewell is a set of fintech services and tools focused on helping people manage their money during retirement. We found via surveys that 1) people's expectations of what they'd pay for such services varied a lot 2) we were getting particular interest from a subset of users who wanted to use our very high APY checking account to park their money. How could we get them involved in more of our products/services?


We doubled our subscription fee for financial planning. And we used data and research to define a customer journey that would get the new segment to sign up for additional products and services.


The doubled subscription fee led to less than 5% drop-off in conversions, which confirmed the research that suggested there was more flexibility in pricing than we realized. The new customer segment we called "Interest Rate Dads." We used survey results, ongoing behavioral data, and rep engagements to create more individualized, and mostly automated, ways to upsell IRDs on further services and products.

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